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The Enemies in Warscrap are separated into different classes that are categorized by different weapons, health, and speeds. There are different techniques that work better against certain enemies, but worse against others. Some techniques are listed below:

List of enemies[]

Regular enemies[]

Image Name Health Description
Fodder Droid Fodder Droid 5 Very low health, have very weak pistols, (small rate of fire, 4 damage), but have very small chances to hit, explodes dealing 20 damage when near. Just run away and shoot and you can kill them or run up and quickly slash them with a sword
Assault Droid Assault Droid 10 Average health, shoots the player each dealing 4 damage per hit. Try to circle the enemy, the enemy will shoot where you are, and not where you are going, so you can dodge the bullets. Another way of killing them is to dodge their bullets until they are reloading, and then go melee on them, if you are out of ammo. Yet another method is to snipe them, because of their terrible accuracy and low field of view, if you are far enough away you can normally pick them off easily. Using the sword is effectively if you have the health or shield to withstand the incoming fire, due to having enough health to be killed in one slice to the head
Heavy camicadze 5 Black wersion of normal kamicadze. Very low health, have weak rifles, (small rate of fire, 8 damage), but have wery small chanses to use them, explodes dealing 20 damage when near. Just run away and shoot and you can kill them. They rare and can be recorded as elite enemies, but they wery weak, even weaker, that even assault droid, heavy droid is even more stronger.
Melee Droid Melee Droid Droid-7, Shield-12 Average health, swings at the player with a sword dealing 20 damage per hit. But are very glitchy and a lot of time never even swing. You can also go melee on them, but you suffer more damage than reward (most of the time), so you can go invisible or try to jump on them or shield before beating on them. Sniping them is your best option, as they can't get you in return.
Heavy Droid Heavy Droid 50

Elite enemies[]

Image Name Health Description
Elite Droid Elite Droid 20 Higher health, sub boss, same AI and clip as Infantery Droid just each shot dealing 8 damage. Also has a faster reload time. Same technique as Assault droid, just be weary of the heavy shots and dodgind maniwers.
Tank Droid Tank Droid 100 Massive health, sub boss, deals 20 damage per hit (if it hits you directly with attack) with same AI as Mashinegunner Droid, has better accuracy and deals high area damage, but has a slow reload. Same technique as Heavy droid, just be weary of the heavy shots. Best option is to get some friends and just snipe them, as if you try to melee them, they will just wreck you because of their area damage.
Rogue Player Rogue Player 10 Is probably the most challenging type of enemy you’ll face in Warscrap. Rogues are normal players who decide to cross over to the dark side and play against you. Rogues will spawn in their own separate base, ranging from 1 to 3 in numbers. While they may be unpredictable and pose an ongoing threat, rogues face a greater challenge of being outnumbered 3 to 1.
Rogue Player NPC Rogue 8 Small parody on player rogue. Has ai same as infantery droid, heavy weapons and 2th worst health. Becouse they have big bonuce drops, they is best spot of farming cores. 2th best farm- carrying supercores by jeep from their core stash to base when base is atacked (they not spavning at this time).


Image Name Health Description
Spider Droid Goliath(his official name)/Walker(unofficial name)/Spider Droid(in game archives)/Raid Boss Unknown Is a raid boss that maintains the largest amount of health compared to any other enemy or sub-boss combined. The Raid boss can deal massive amount of damage, along with unleashing an assortment of attacks. This boss is very hard to defeat solo; if you want to succeed against this with higher chances, bring a group. If you plan on soloing, make sure you have a lot of ammunition to survive the fight, hide behind walls, keep moving, and wait for it's cycle of shooting to stop, return fire and repeat. You can't melee Golaith, because it can easily hit you like the Tank Droid can, except doing even more damage than it. You also have to jump to hit it if you are under it.